Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I saw a woman in clinic recently that really made me think.

The visit got off to a poor start, as she was steaming mad that she had been kept waiting and had verbally abused every staff member on her way in. Attempts at getting a history from said lady were met with "isn't it in the chart?" or "duh" and the like. But she eventually calmed down and after the anger passed, we actually had a meaningful visit. Turns out she is a grandmother that has been through some rough times. She lives in a neighborhood where young children carry guns and use them with reckless abandon. Her son was murdered by his best friend. She raised two kids by herself with minimal income. When her children with serious medical problems that needed expensive medicines that she needed to steal when she couldn't afford them.

For her to have gotten to today in one piece, mentally and physically, is a miracle. I have utmost admiration for her strength and her remarkable dedication to her children. And while she's not the most pleasant patient in the world, I'm not surprised that she angers easily. She is a survivor. It's been her against the world for a very, very long time. And while some may not agree with her past actions or her choices in life, I dare anyone not in a similar socioeconomic/environmental situation to try and imagine what this poor soul has gone through.

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