Friday, June 23, 2006

More Spotty Posting

As I spend a week in the beautiful Hawai'i...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No News!

We just came back from a vacation that included a whirlwind tour through several national parks. One of the stops along the way was Salt Lake City's Temple Square. Several friends that I am very fond of are LDS, so it was nice to see the place and chat with the tour guides/missionaries there. Apparently as part of their mission, they refrain from watching news and reading newspapers and the lot, and instead turn their attention inward towards the time with God.

Here's a look at today's headlines:
8 U.S. troops charged with murder
Sex and drug arrest triggers deadly Florida prison gunfight
Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans
Teen convicted for killing over iPod

It's a wonder that more of us don't do the same - after all, bad news may be more sensational, but is it really healthy?!

An Ending, And A Beginning

These past few weeks have been spent slowly processing the last year. Internhip is a hard year, but also a good year. They say time dulls the pain, which means we can better remember the good times. There are many people that I'm indebted to, from family that put up with me to certain attendings, great co-workers, and most of all, to the many patients I had the opportunity to meet - who are always the ultimate teachers. Some of these experiences remain etched in my mind as if they had just happened, even though months may have passed. We each take away such different things from every interaction, and they may not and may never know how much it means to have known them. I wish these people all the best, and offer them, and all those that made the past year possible, a profound thank you.