Friday, June 01, 2007

Do You Have a Small Penis?

Penis size: Do you have a little one or big one?

Saw a great post at Keagirl's place. Apparently a couple of urologists from England reviewed "small penis syndrome" and the medical literature on penis size in the latest issue of the British Journal of Urology. They note that the average erect penis is about 5.5 to 6.2 inches long and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in circumference at midshaft.

Actually, in doing a PubMed search to find this article, there is a whole literature on penis size. Here are some of the studies: Treatment of men complaining of short penis (Urology 2005). Penile length in the flaccid and erect states: guidelines for penile augmentation. (J Urology). Can shoe size predict penile length? (BJU 2002). Can physique and gluteal size predict penile length in adult Nigerian men? ( West Afr J Med. 2006). Should the definition of micropenis vary according to ethnicity? Mean penile length and diameter are slightly but significantly smaller in newborns of Chinese origin compared to newborns of Caucasian and East-Indian origins. ( Horm Res. 2001). Interesting, unable to find an article on African penile length, but there were several documenting smaller Asian sizes.

Sheesh. Can men be more preoccupied about a body part that is totally hidden from daily view? You don't have a whole literature on breast size (at least not that I'm aware of) and those are actually seen under clothing!


We see a lot of private parts because of full body skin examinations for changing moles and skin cancers. When you see a lot of penises, seeing another one doesn't phase you - usually. But I think one can tell a lot about a person by how they are when they're naked. Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean, naked in a medical examination room. There's the group of young pubertal boys that are aghast that you are looking at them *down there.* There are the group of men who are uncomfortable, but understand that it's part of the visit. There is the group that knows the drill and are quite comfortable with or without their clothes on. There's the group that LOVE having their clothes off and will keep their pants down until you specifically ask them to "please cover up, the exam was over a LONG time ago" a group which overlaps somewhat with the minority of perverts that get off on showing your their "goods." Anyways, I digress.

Keagirl's post got me to thinking that given the number of penises we see, the usual penis doesn't even warrant a second look. However, there are a few situations when you do (subtly) look again:

1) TINY. Like "we see a lot of penises incidentally and wow, that is small"

2) Abnormally large. Like "you are a tiny thin old man, and that is one big dangly doo."

3) First case of Fordyce's angiokeratoma. like "what the h*#! is on your scrotum, man!"


Blogger monado said...

The fascination with things male extends to condoms vs. tampons. A condom, which is worn for a short time outside the body, is a "very important" product and there are health standards and tests for it. A tampon, which is worn inside the body for hours, is "not important." There are no standards. Tampons could be stuffed with pine needles or sawdust and they would be legal. In fact, the great Toxic Shock scandal, in which at least 14 women died, occurred because there are no safety tests. Media were quick to blame the women, saying that they were unhygienic or had kept the tampons in too long. It turned out that the tampons had been switched to something - methylcellulose, methoxycellulose? - that sucked the zinc out of soft membranes and made them vulnerable to infection. Bozos.

6:38 PM  
Blogger B. Ramana said...

I find your blog fascinating! On the specific issue of penis size, all I can say is: "yours is bigger than mine" is a perineal problem with the male mind. Which is why they are such dicktators sometimes! I don't want to blow my own organ, I mean trumpet, but do come and look me up!

2:33 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

We've got a bit on our podcast show notes about a detachable penis.

This, of course, refers to the King Missile song about a guy who lost his detachable penis. "I was starting to get desperate. I really don't like being without my penis for too long. It makes me feel like less of a man, and I really hate having to sit down every time I take a leak. "

5:42 AM  

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