Sunday, May 27, 2007

Empire waists


What a depressing series of posts these past few weeks.

Let's talk about something lighter. Went shopping this weekend, for the first time in a long time. Have had little need for non-work clothes since starting med school. For work, you got the scrubs (much loved for their comfort/you get used to the ugliness), you got the professional attire, you got the Danskos, and that's about all you need. For play (what's that?) you got the lounge at home comfy clothes. For a lot of med school and internship, I was asleep when not at work, so REALLY didn't need much.

Well, the schedule's gotten better in the last year, so am facing a dearth of leisure clothes. Hence, the shopping trip.

Most of you are probably already up to date on what's in this season. (Sorry, am a little slow with these things!!) Babydolls and empire waists are everywhere. I must say, from a frontal view, they are rather cute.

But from the side, every girl looks like they're expecting!

Nothing wrong with maternity clothes. Heck, these would be cute maternity clothes, so you COULD shop with this in mind. But if a print model looks like she has an extra twenty pounds hidden underneath the clothes - yikes!

Now, not sure how this empire waist craziness got started. But every store has rip offs of the same style. Which is fine, except when they try to push the envelope and decide to start their own style:This "waist" now starts midway across the breasts. Sexy... not!

So, what came of this trip? Ladies, there's cute clothes out there, but not everything out there is worth paying for. As for me, here's the damage:

Bring on the summer!

all pictures taken from banana republic and j crew websites


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