Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SuperSize Me

I'm listening to "Don't Eat This Book" on tape. It's by the guy that did Super Size Me. Yes, the movie that was made a few years back. Yes, I never saw it. Yes, I know it's a good movie and that everyone and their mother has seen it. And yes, I will try to see it soon.

First off, Morgan Spurlock is hilarious. And the book is VERY interesting. I'm maybe a third of the way done and have already learned a lot about the "McCrack Shack" and the U.S. food industry. Scary stuff!! There were so many shocking facts that my eyebrows were permanently raised while listening to the tape. A couple that are still floating around in the head: McD's strawberry shake, which I dearly love, has 46 chemicals to recreate a "strawberry" taste. "Banana" flavoring is the same thing as some sort of jet engine fluid/chemical... EWWW!

Will keep you updated... For those who haven't read the book yet, go to your closest library. It's a must read.


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