Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Farm Living

Check out Farmgirl's blog - she's a Northern California girl who, over ten years ago, picked up and moved onto a farm in the midwest. I just read a few of her entries (auction fever, sheep hugs, llama guard) and am hooked! Given a love of wide-open space, fresh air, and anything furry, I would love farm life. Well... maybe love the thought of farm life. Don't know how thrilled I would be about chopping wood or preparing meat or any of the many realities that come with living in the middle of nowhere.


Just signed up for StatCounter. Now, we all know I'm a half-step (all right, perhaps 100 steps) behind the latest and greatest tech stuff, so this may be old news to everyone except me... StatCounter is really neat! It's this invisible counter that notes how many hits a page has gotten and gathers data about who has visited your site. (For the paranoid out there, you are right! There is a whole lot of data floating around about who your computer is and where you are logging in from.) It has a great map where you can see a "tack" for the people who have visited your site - as of now, there have been visitors from Europe, Canada, the U.S., Australia, and even as far away as Singapore and Malaysia. Welcome!

The picture is of a couple of gorgeous roses near work. There's a whole area full of them, with different but equally stunning colors, and I had to stop and get a few shots.


Anonymous Moof said...

At the moment, Stat Counter either has me coming from Sanford, ME or Rochester, NH ... it seems to switch back and forth, although I haven't budged! In a month or so when I go back home, it will probably say Dover, NH ...

You should take a look at Tracksy too ... has some nice features!

7:35 PM  

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