Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I remember a time when I used to write well... that was before medical school I'm afraid. As a child I used to read everything in sight and loved it. That led to great ease and comfort with writing prose. Unfortunately, after medical school, especially after studying for the licensing exams and all the medical reading that entailed, the level of non-medical reading dropped off dramatically... as in zero. The thought of picking up a book to read for fun started the throbbing in the eyes that had just resolved hours after closing the darn medical review book. Alas, with the paucity of reading, my grasp of the English language has gone down the drain. I can throw around a bunch of medical jargon that sound like gibberish to most people, and can abbreviate medical terms like no other, but often find myself having word finding difficulties on words I used to know. Or when I read my writing and realizing that it sounds objective and dry, just like those scientific papers we're trained to read and write... pity.

However, am happy to share that now that the medical reading level has stabilized at a mangeable level, I've renewed my old passion of non-medical reading. Hopefully that will awake those brain cells that have been dormant for the last XXX years. And hopefully when medical reading picks up again in a few months, I'll still be able to do some real reading... we'll see. :)

Just read was "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. That man writes well - the imagination behind the book was wonderful and the prose runs well. Ending is OK but definitely a good, quick read that's thought provoking.


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