Saturday, March 18, 2006

He cried.

they left a great party
having had a real good time
she didn't think he should drive
but he insisted it was fine

he drove that beast of a car
fast, faster, and faster still -
enjoying the unfettered freedom
found on a desolate road

she said
slow down
we're going too fast
swerving back from lane to lane

he said
shut up
and let me drive
pushing the pedal down with might

faster, faster, and faster still
the bodies swung from side to side
the metal rattling from the engine's roar
her feet digging into the carpet floor

what happened next
he did not see
couldn't remember
but was on his side

they turned too fast
she saw it come
and grit her teeth
but couldn't scream

when he came to
bright yellow lights
people talking
people walking

he couldn't get up
couldn't figure out
where he was
where she was

the doctors watched
as the stretchers rolled in

the girl
no pulse and cold to touch
pale of face
with red crushed ribs

the boy
wide eyed with matted hair
trembling chin
strapped down in place

words drifted by his stricken face
... trauma activation
... SUV ...rollover
... didn't make it

he watched the ceiling move and change
these people floating all above
damned the mask lying on his face
these pins pricking and stabbing his legs

outside the nurses clicked and clucked
did you know, both 19
driving alone

and way too fast

a pair of highway patrol uniforms
shook their heads, guarding his room
idiot drove under the influence
we'll lock him up, manslaughter

it all came back
he screamed her name
crying, calling,
to see her face

she's dead
he's told
hold still or else
you'll hurt yourself

he pushes
he pulls
a sting in his arm and all of it fades
into a most welcomed darkness.


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