Saturday, February 25, 2006

War of the Worlds

Just watched War of the Worlds yesterday. The movie was pretty bad. What stood out though, was the absolute devastation that war brings to the people. Aliens aside, if you think about human conflict, it is less often that people have issues with people of another country and more that temporary leaders of the two sides have their own issues and feel the need to duke it out... or maybe that is just the case with GW Bush. And people just get dragged into the fight.

Wars are wars, but the worst ones are ones fought on your own land. The U.S. is fortunate that most of her "wars" have been fought in other nations. Wars on your own soil must be horrific - masses of people (who probably did not want to get into a war in the first place) turned into refugees with no food, no shelter, no end in sight. There is a scene in War of the Worlds when Tom Cruise drives one of the few working cars into a crazed mob, and the members of that crowd, war-crazed desperate people, are willing to take the car by any means necessary. There is no place for law, for rights, for concern for others. Might = power, and power = more likely survival. Complete disintegration of the fabric of society as we know it. Amazing to think that many of the elderly of today, from Europe, Asia, Central/South America, Africa have lived through such ordeals and that the ones who survived have come out relatively unscathed. Even more amazing to think that wars still go on today and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Why must people be so stupid?


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