Friday, July 27, 2007

Bottled Water

Do you drink this?

Or this?

Guess where they got it from?

Local tap water.

That's right, folks, them there is some MIGHTY expensive tap water.

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Blogger somethingsmissing said...

check your comment area for the aurora post u did and i gave u a site for some reeeally good pic.s here is the link so u dont have to go looking through it-

11:30 AM  
Blogger Moofie said...

WV, we used to have a dairy farm. Many years ago, it became too expensive to continue milking, and we had to sell the herd.

I remember going through the grocery stores at the time, and looking at the prices of bottled water in amazement ... our milk was going for far less!

We concluded that we should have been selling bottled water from our nice artesian well instead of milk ...

... your post only serves to reinforce that idea.

I don't think I've ever bought a bottle of water for myself ... and I also don't drink it in public places - like restaurants. I'm a little fussy about my water! *LOL*

Nice post, WV! The truth is good to know!


4:03 PM  
Blogger wandering visitor said...

Welcome somethingsmissing!

Thanks much for the link - those are gorgeous pictures! Just what I needed too - I had this wild notion yesterday to look into jobs in antarctica for a summer. Penguins and auroras. How cool would that be?

Hi Moofie!

It's a shame that you had to sell the herd. :( We as a society should really try to support local products - they are, after all, the freshest! :)

You could still see that well water - think "Artesia" with an idyllic background. Would be better than bottled tap water!! :D

8:47 PM  

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