Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just Pass It On...

Wanted to write about a nice experience at the grocery store. Picture a stooped, elderly woman slowly pushing a cart down the aisle. My first thought was, poor lady, I wonder if she needs any help? But she wasn't doing anything that needed any help so we just passed each other by. (How come, in smaller towns, I'd have no problem going up to her and asking, but in big cities, if you do that, you'd probably get the look of - who are you and what do you really want?)

Anyways, after browsing through the ice cream selection and grabbing a couple of boxes, went to get in line. Who did it happen to be but the elderly lady. She was next in line and about half way through unloading the groceries, when she looked up and said - "that's all you're getting? Go ahead of me!" I said no need, wasn't in a hurry, but she called the grocery clerk by name and said "ring her up before you start mine." A little embarassed, I moved up in line and thanked her. These were her words: "Not a problem. Just pass it on." What a beautiful phrase. Just past it on. I'll definitely remember her words the next time I'm in the situation where I can pass it on.


Saw a med school classmate who chose to do General Surgery at Big University Hospital. The poor girl had switched services from Trauma surgery to Neurosurgery that day. She had been on Trauma call the day before the switch, meaning she had been up at 4:30am, no sleep the whole day, and now was the sole resident for a packed, all day neurosurgery clinic. And at 6PM that day, she still had 5 more patients to see. Inhumane. This is after the "80hr work week" rules - can you imagine what went on before the rules were implemented?

picture of horse and buggy at Jackson Hole, WY


Anonymous Moof said...

The grocery store scene is beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. I have a feeling that eldelry lady quite likely felt your kind wishes toward her ...

Um ... while I'm here ... ahhh ... not sure how to say this, but ...

You've been tagged!

*ducks and runs* >;o)

3:28 PM  
Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

what a beautiful thing, the lady in the grocery line. i think i'll start doing that. you know it is funny, we live in a small town half the year and a city half the year (snow birds), well the small town attutude is soooo different, when you go from one to the other it is like culture shock every time. manners are different. in podunk (my nickname for our small town) when you pass a car they raise the first finger and half the next one in a country "hey", when we get back to florida they use a whole other finger. go figure...... bee

9:29 PM  
Blogger always learning said...

Moof - glad you liked it. That interaction made my day and I thought others might like it as well :)

Hi Empress Bee! Welcome! Small town attitude is completely different. It really is a huge culture shock to move from one setting to the next - you sort of have to re-learn what's "appropriate." Whereas a smile and a hello are routine in smalltown, USA, the same thing to a stranger in NYC would be perceived so very differently. BTW, your story about the "finger culture" while driving is hilarious :D

3:37 PM  

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