Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tibetan Bell Ceremony

Was visiting a good friend in a fancy city. Said friend caught wind of an interesting event in town, so we headed over to a Tibetan ceremony the other night. Now, you may ask, what in the world is a Tibetan Bell Ceremony?

After the event, I still don't have a good answer for you.

It was performed by an American musician using not just Tibetan instruments and not just bells. I don't think Tibetans do this ceremony. It's one of those "foreign" things that if you asked a real "foreigner" they'd look at you as if you were crazy.

Anyways, the artist was a little strange, but most of the music he made was very enjoyable. He started off with some Native American flutes, the first one of which had an almost ethereal quality. Then he moved onto brass tibetan bowls, which when struck with a mallet produced very interesting tones. The "concert" also involved a ten foot long tibetan long horn, which produced a deep, almost earth trembling sound, tibetan bells, which were interesting, and my favorite, tibetan air cymbals, which created the crispest, freshest sound one can imagine.

The two favorites of the night were the native american flutes and the cymbals. I went straight to the library the next day to try to find some native american flute music, but alas, none of it had the same quality... I guess almost fifty years of sifting through instruments, as this particular musician had, means you end up with some priceless items... I wish you could have heard some of these sounds.


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