Sunday, March 25, 2007

Random Thoughts

Have you ever questioned why things are the way they are?

Have you ever stopped to ask why it is that you do what you do? Are you doing something because you truly want to, or are you doing it to get something else? Or doing it because it will look good? Or because other people will think it looks good?

Have you ever stood back and objectively looked at human beings? We must look pretty funny to non-humans, what with our hair in odd places (eyebrows, armpits, groin). On a basic level, we’re just one big open bag (gastrointestinal tract) inside an even bigger bag (the skin). We have to constantly eat and defecate to keep on going. And yet, we’ve got a skewed sense of beauty. We’re proud of what the human race looks like, and we have models, actors, and other public figures that we strive to look like. We take great pride in our hairstyles, brow arches, and the clothes we wear to cover our bodies. All this preoccupation leads to issues like vanity, worry, body dysmorphic disorder. Wonder if pigs and other animals have the same issues. Methinks they’re smarter than that! :)

Have you ever pondered the ever increasing pace of the working world? Email, blackberrys, computers. People getting laid off and the survivors having to pick up the slack. Things keep on getting faster and there’s always a never-ending to-do list to attack. How does one screen three hundred emails a day on top of a busy workday, when fifty years ago in the same job, there was about half the workload to be done? How does one manage to stay afloat and get through without feeling like each week is a struggle to just get to Friday? How is this pace of overworking acceptable and sustainable?

Why do we not sleep enough at night, wake up exhausted every morning, and instead of tackling the root of the problem (not enough sleep), we instead down a large cup of coffee to get ready for another activity-packed day? Why do people then wonder why they age prematurely, are chronically tired, and cannot sleep well at night?

Have you ever wondered why there’s an expectation that boys and girls will grow up, get married, and have babies? Is it sane to spend thirty years on education, an additional twenty-plus years to raise several children, then wonder where life has gone? Who came up with this brilliant plan??

Is it crazy to work like a madman to earn the big bucks, borrowing from future health and relationships, then when the wealth has accumulated and the health has gone, to spend the paper we call money to try to recapture lost youth and regain a sense of well-being?

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