Saturday, January 06, 2007

Five Things Of Note

Just realized that I forgot to do a meme from dear Ipanema - well, better late than never, eh?

Let's see, five things about me...

1) Am a sucker for animals. Anything that has fur is something that I'd like to get to know. You know the look that most women get when they see a baby in the room? That's me, except the "baby" is a furry animal :D

2) Have no idea how I ended up in medicine. No one in the family is in the medical field, and I certainly didn't know what "being a doctor" meant before starting this whole process. That being said, I truly enjoy taking care of patients and am very fond of dermatology.

3) Believe that life is a spiritual journey and a gift, and that "spiritual progress" is much more important than worldly things like fame,social status, money, etc. Also believe that one doesn't need to be a nun sequestered from society to achieve this progress. However, there are certainly days when renouncing the world and worldly posessions has its appeal ;)

4) Motto is live and let live. We should celebrate the similarities and respect the differences between people/cultures/belief systems. Just because I feel strongly about a topic doesn't mean others should hold the same beliefs, or that I would think less of them for not doing so. Imagine how boring life would be if we were carbon copies of each other!

5) Am easily inspired by things of beauty. I've been known to pull over on a road just to watch a beautiful sunset. Prefer nature over man-made (ie travel to Jiuzhaigou rather than Rome.) The most recent inspiring thing was seeing a mother's love for her very sick daughter.

Am tagging Tundra Med, Keagirl, Dr. A (oops Moof got there before me!), and anyone else who'd like to think this through :D

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