Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One Week Old

I'm now officially a one week old resident :D

It's been an awesome week. We have a fun schedule, where most of our half days are spent doing vastly different things - mornings may be surgery and afternoons are more medical, or morning can be continuity clinic with afternoon pathology session... We're actually pretty busy during the day - rarely have more than 5 minutes for lunch, if that, but that makes time fly. And the variety is great!

Clinic is currently "down-booked" for us newbies - which means they schedule less patients per resident. As is, we're seeing 7-9 patients in about two and a half hours, which is record-setting by internal medicine clinic standards. We still seem to be painfully slow at getting things done - whether it be seeing patients, writing notes, or sewing up a wound, and the senior resident blows us away by her speed. One day, that too, may be us... :)


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